5 Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety Attacks After Trauma


Did you know that when we experience an emotional setback or trauma, adrenaline rushes through the body and the memory of that event is imprinted into the amygdala, which is part of the limbic system. Amygdala, is a collection of nuclei found deep within the temporal lobe.

It helps regulate emotion and encode memories—especially when it comes to more emotional remembrances and acts like a warning bell.

So anytime when we are in a similar situation, the brain can easily be triggered by sensory input, considering normal circumstances as dangerous. The negative experiences programmed by our amygdala keep on putting us into flight or fight situations, spiking cortisol as sensory fragments are misinterpreted and the brain loses its ability to discriminate between what is threatening and what is normal.

Good news is that homeopathy can calm down the deeper regions of our brain without escalating distress and further imprint the trauma into the limbic system.

5 Homeopathic remedies to handle acute stressful situations after trauma


Indicated often after a sudden traumatic event. They usually have a great fear of death. There is rapid heart beating along with perspiration and trembling. Panic attacks can come in fits, in sudden acute crises and can come at any time and as a consequence of any stimulus. There is inconsolable anxiety, sad wailing; peevish and impatient. They think their thoughts come from the stomach–that parts of his body are abnormally thick.

Nat Mur

Sexual abuse, incest and rape are often the cause of severe emotional trauma in Nat mur. This remedy helps people who “bottle things up” regardless of how unhappy they are feeling. They find it hard to cry as they feel they need to appear strong, to show no weakness, but inside they are exceedingly vulnerable and afraid of being hurt due to prior disappointment. This is the reason they do not permit anyone to get close to them emotionally. They often recall the past unpleasant occurrences and grieve. They do not like to be consoled. There is a guilt feeling after the loss – Think they have neglected their duty. Listens to sad music and dwells on the loss.


It is the main remedy for hysteria and brooding silently. It is suitable for a person who is sad and in a tearful mood. There is constant sighing and sobbing, wanting to be alone. There can be uncontrollable laughter alternating with crying. There is a peculiar “lump in throat” sensation when crying. Consolation helps them feel better.

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is one of the best remedies for the bad effects of grief and depressing emotions, particularly for the chronic effects of disappointed love. Ailments from care, grief, sorrow, chagrin, homesickness or disappointed love; particularly with drowsiness; night sweats towards morning; emaciation.The most characteristic feature of the Phosphoric Acid is ‘emotional neutrality’. They usually say ‘It is as if I were not alive’. They just keep on drifting through an unreal life in which he performs almost automatically without any motivation and no sense of satisfaction. There is no love, no happiness, no sadness – just emptiness.

Argentum Nitricum

There can be sudden panic attacks especially in fixed situations, for instance while passing a certain point, in closed places, high places, before an engagement. They often feel trapped and there is no way out. They become highly nervous and want to have some self control. They are extremely sympathetic. They may be easily moved to tears when hearing of another person’s suffering. There is a great anticipatory anxiety accompanied with hurried feelings. They have a great fear of heights and an unsteadiness or vertigo when standing in high places.

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