A Homeopathic Approach to the Coronavirus

Infections and Fevers

There’s so much unnecessary anxiety and panic around the Coronavirus at the moment. While this is still an evolving situation, the risk of catching the virus at present is small. There are many practical steps you can take to stay healthy and take care of yourself and your family.

However, if you do come down with something these medicines and supplements will help to minimise the severity and duration of the illness.

The Coronavirus Covid-19 Infection

The Coronavirus was first isolated in 1937 from an infectious bronchitis virus in birds. These viruses are responsible for between 15-30 percent of common colds since then.

According to World Health Organisation (i)

Based on Data from 17,000 Patients Infected with Covid-19:

83% develop mild symptoms with no/little respiratory symptoms

15% develop severe symptoms

3% become critically ill

1-3% mortality rate (the majority of the people who have died are over 50 years of age with compromised immune systems and pre-existing illnesses).

Mortality Rate Comparison

The World wide panic surrounding the current Coronavirus epidemic (2019-2020) is disproportionate to the mortality rate of the infection.

To help put this into perspective, it’s worth noting that other infections and epidemics death rates far surpass Covid 19 at this stage: SARS (9.6%), H5N1 Bird flu (50%), Ebola (25-90%), Dengue infection (1%).

Coronavirus Anomalies In Children

Parents of young children will be very relieved to learn that a relatively low rate of children below the age of 18 are being affected (2.4% of all reported cases). Additionally, the children who are getting infected are only developing mild flu-like symptoms. (ii)

Based on 55,924 Laboratory-Confirmed Cases (February 20th 2020), Typical Symptoms Include:

Fever (87.9%), dry cough (67.7%), fatigue (38.1%), sputum production (33.4%), shortness of breath (18.6%), sore throat (13.9%), headache (13.6%), myalgia (aching muscles) or arthralgia (14.8%), chills (11.4%), nausea or vomiting (5.0%), nasal congestion (4.8%), diarrhea (3.7%).

A Clinical Study from China Showed the Most Common Symptoms:

Fever (98%), dry cough (77%), shortness of breath (63.5%), fatigue (35%), muscular aches & pains (11.5%), headache ( 6%), runny nose (6%). (iii)

History of Homeopathic Use in Epidemics & Pandemics

Homeopathy is based on the principle that a medicine will act curatively in a condition if it can produce similar signs and symptoms in a healthy person during a medicine trial.

Over the last 250 years homeopathic medicine has been shown to be extremely successful in the treatment and prevention of contagious diseases, such as Influenza, Pneumonia, Cholera, Yellow fever and Diphtheria.

Homoeopathy was 98% effective in the United States during the catastrophic Spanish flu pandemic that ravaged the world in 1918, killing between 50-100 million people.

Dr W.A. Pearson, Dean of the Hahnemann College in Philadelphia collected information from 26,795 cases of influenza treated by homeopathic physicians. The mortality rate was only 1.05% while the rate for conventional medicine was 30%. The homeopathic remedies most frequently used at this time were Gelemium, Bryonia, and Euphorium.

Homeo-Prophylactic Medicine

In the case of an epidemic, in the majority of cases the characteristics and symptoms of the acute disease will correspond, therefore the majority of patients in the same geographical area will respond to the same medicine. This medicine will be called the Genus Epidemicus, and it can be used acutely, as well as prophylactically.

During a Japanese Encephalitis epidemic in India in 1999, homeopathically prepared Belladonna was given as a prophylactic to 171,273 people in 62 villages. A follow up by the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH) of 71,503 people showed that no one developed the disease.

Global Homeopathic Support for Covid-19

The Indian Government has officially stated that Arsenicum album is the prophylactic medicine to use in India. (iiii)

Other prophylactic medicines, such as Influenzinum, Occillococinum, Camphora and Bryonia are being prescribed by some homoeopaths.

Feedback from homeopaths currently treating Coronavirus cases in Hong Kong, Macac and Iran, have found Bryonia, Eupatorium perf, Gelsemium, Camphora and Antim tart the most helpful medicines based on the individuals presenting symptoms.

Based on the Analysis of the Various Symptoms of Covid-19, Other Indicated Homeopathic Medicines may Include:

Arsenicum album, Lycopodium, Phosphorous, Kali Carb, Sulphur, Arsenicum Iodatum, Belladonna, Mercurius, Kali Bich and Argentum nitricum.

The specific prophylactic protocol and personalised homeopathic medicine needs to be prescribed by a homeopathic practitioner.

By sharing this information, I hope that you can see that there are many powerful and effective natural ways you can boost your immunity, thereby making you less susceptible to catching viruses and acute infections.

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