A Tale Of Vanishing OCD In A Short Span Of Time


Last year Solbi, 5 year old girl, walked into my clinic with her mom. She was dealing with compulsive hand washing. There were cracks on her hands because of constant hand washing. She had fear and disgust for dirt. She didn’t like to shake hands or touching surfaces like door knobs or public washrooms. There was a great fear of robbers entering her home.

It was a really a struggle as parents were not able to understand her repetitive behaviors.

Solbi’s Presenting Problems

  • fear of being infected
  • fear and disgust for dirt
  • Fear of germs and contamination
  • Compulsive thoughts to wash hands
  • Cracks from washing hands constantly
  • Refuses to shake hands or touch doorknobs.
  • Needed constant reassurance as was doubting herself
  • Fear of robbers entering the house at night time
  • Checking the locks several times before going to bed
  • Does not like going to the public washroom
  • Chronic constipation
  • Frequent headaches
  • Nail biting

After a detailed analysis of her case she was prescribed as follows

First Prescription for a Month:

First day: Phosphorus

Organ support remedies


Started to poop everyday.

Before the remedy she would go to the toilet once a week, now she goes once/twice a day.

Less worried about robbers, more happy and content.

Second Prescription:

Homeopathic Detox

Organ support remedies



Huge improvement in OCD symptoms.

Frequency of headaches reduced

Stopped biting her nails.

Third Prescription:

Homeopathic Detox

Organ support remedies



Not aware of touching the door knobs.

Used a public washroom without anxiety.

Could sleep peacefully

Fourth Prescription:



Parents do not think the OCD behaviour is a concern at all anymore. They were very happy to see the improvements in a short span of time.

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