Allergies, Sensitivities and Behavioural Changes


Why is it that so many of us now have allergic reactions, food sensitivities, behavioural changes, and increased health issues even though we are living longer and have a much better health system than ever before?

When treating clients with homeopathy, it is rare that we find people who have not been affected in some way by the effects of medications or the increased number of vaccinations we have. I often find that remedies are antidoted by medications or environmental toxins which have accumulated in the liver and are blocking the longer term health progress.

As well as treating the inherited weakness that leads to the sensitivity we have to antidote or detox the medications, hormones, vaccinations or toxins that are blocking the road to health. As a homeopath, it is not my job to take a patient off their medication, we need to see some improvement in health so that their Doctor can reduce the medication and we can complete the job of stimulating the body to keep improving health.

By taking note of the full health history we can often see where a change in health occurred. For those children suffering from their earliest years, we need to address their inherited susceptibility. If the improvement from the remedies does not last we will then address the blocks or maintaining causes that are present.

Let me give you a couple of examples:

1. I have been treating a four year old boy who has had multiple problems since birth. With severe allergies, behavioural issues, a weakness of the lungs and sensitivities to food, he has had a difficult four years. With repeated hospital admissions, medications and medical help he was not getting any better and the incidences of medical care needed was increasing.

With a miasmatic remedy to help strengthen his inherited weaknesses he made exceptional progress with less digestive issues, improved energy, less behavioural issues and no hospital admissions. We then needed to begin detoxing the antibiotics and steroids he had taken which were blocking the continuation of the improvement to give longer lasting health.

2. Treating a nine year old with recurring collapsed lung issues did very well with a constitutional remedy and was much stronger and more resilient. Yet when she caught a cold in the autumn she could not maintain her health and had to be admitted to hospital once more. On further exploration of the case we realised that mould in her bedroom was acting as a maintaining cause and needed to be addressed. When the family moved house the recurrence ceased and the little girl continued to maintain good health.

3. A little girl suffering from temper tantrums which made her completely inconsolable was given a constitutional remedy which really helped her and made life much easier. However, symptoms continued to recur occasionally and it was necessary to detox the medications when had been given as well as detoxing mold which she had been exposed to in her early years.

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