Don’t Worry about COVID-19. It is the After-Effects that are really Affecting Us.


We all initially were very worried about this mystery virus that was taking the world by storm, with what was put out there, making us initially feel defenseless against it… We were holding out all hope on a vaccine being produced. Please don’t wait for a vaccine to be your savior! Since the 2001-2004 outbreak of the SARS flu, they have been producing corona vaccines, which all failed with side effects, including the side effect of increased susceptibility to die from Corona infection if you have been vaccinated with a flu/Corona vaccine. This was confirmed by the high death rate from first responder doctors dealing with Covid 19, where it was mandatory for them to be vaccinated with the SARS vaccine back in 2013.

After the initial panic I took a much needed dose of common sense and reevaluated. Homeopathy has a fine past record of dealing with infectious and epidemic diseases / pandemics, so that combined with some natural immune support and lifestyle changes, (adequate sun, sleep, health diet ) together with herd immunity should do rather well.

VIDEO: Indian Police Use Homeopathy For COVID-19

After checking the epidemiological reports and statistics, I was further confused! Looking at the death rate / toll from Covid 19 over the last couple of months, it is very insignificant when compared to the death rate from tuberculosis, heart disease, regular flu and suicide to name a few. Why did the government not close the country down for those diseases that have more of an effect on our population than Covid 19 does?

Why have they not given us cross over studies indicating the when the economic downturn is worse than the death rate of Covid 19?

Why is there so much media hype on the amount of cases of Covid 19 in the world and very little emphasis in the amount of deaths from Covid 19?

Why are there reports of false causes of death being put on death certificates from Covid 19 when they have died from other conditions? To hype the numbers?

Why are there false media reports of hospitals being over-encumbered with Covid patients and a need to televise medical staff staging treatment of critically ill Covid patients who then turn out to be human dolls?

I believe that the non-scientific way that the lockdown has been handled with absurd procedures in place regarding masks and distancing that have no scientific basis for preventing the virus (there is no class 1 and class 2 studies to prove this) are ways the powers that be are controlling us to our detriment. The poor amount of support given to the public at large is shameful to say the least.

The trauma that people are suffering besides the obvious economic damage is still waiting to be noted as the aftermath of lockdown becomes apparent. The biggest trauma is not the odd person dying of Covid 19, but the millions of people traumatized with anxiety, isolation, depression, suicide and difficulty to reintegrate into our new society, that ‘apparently’ will never be the same. Usually humans are very adaptable, but the prolonged stress that our populous is generally under has worn away their resilience. When events such as Covid 19 appear we are not easily able to cope psychologically and emotionally, because of the way the hype and lockdown has been handled! Could this be the beginning of social control and technocracy? Homeopathy is a medicine that is specifically designed to deal with emotional and psychological problems in a very efficient manner. We have specific support of the emotional plane of disease that helps the patient deal with isolation, inability to recover from a shock, fear of loss of ability, pessimism, depression, anxiety and loss of confidence.

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