Eczema and Skin Inflammatory Disorders


Eczema – with the origin meaning to throw out or heat up, from the skin. It is an inflammatory skin disease, most prevalent in children, but also prevalent in adults. It has a tendency to run in families where there is a history of allergies and asthma.

Several types have been classified – from allergic, contact and irritant. Lately there has been a lot of research and hype into intestinal hyperpermeability and damage to the gut microbiome being the cause of eczema, from an allergic stand point. When targeting the views of causation from a homeopathic and functional medicine perspective, you have to consider toxicities such as heavy metals and pesticides as a main cause as well as allergies (food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, organ toxicities).

The skin, lungs and intestines are interconnected. We often see gut problems in children leading to eczema. This is especially prevalent in children who are born via caesarean section, where the vaginal flora of the mother is not permitted to cover the child in the birth canal, and activate the gut microbiome. They begin life with an immature gut microbiome and an inappropriate mix of gut bacteria. Since 70-80% of the immune system is located in the gut, this is where the inflammatory and allergic problem begins, often manifesting on the skin.

Where a child is born with eczema or ‘contracts’ it soon after birth, you can pretty much guarantee that they have been intoxicated with a range of vaccines and their adjuncts of mercury, aluminium and glyphosate pesticide, all of which put undue stress on the immature immune system.

Where parents have a history of eczema it can be passed down to the child, through what homeopathy calls a miasmic taint or weakness. When treating eczema homoeopathically, miasmic weaknesses are addressed through a miasmic remedy which addresses one of the miasms, namely:

  • Psora (lack of nutrients, money, confidence)
  • Sycosis (excrescences, nothing is enough, fear death, inflammation)
  • Syphilis (destructive processes, relationships)

If at all possible do not start using steroids and suppressive medication to treat the eczema, it will make it more resistant to treatment later, and can lead to more serious conditions like asthma. If the discomfort is very uncomfortable, try using homeopathic creams of calendula, or hypericum as an intermediary while the constitutional remedy is allowed to begin the process of healing. In some cases where drugs have been used for extended periods of time, it may be necessary to use another form of homeopathy called homeopathic detox therapy where the allopathic drug used is made into homeopathic form and works to detoxify the body of that toxin or irritant.

Often chronic eczema is precipitated by blocked detoxification organs, hence the overflow to the skin. It is often beneficial to perform drainage and detox to organs like the kidneys and liver. The excess poisons, inflammation and metabolites are able to be removed and the skin does not flare up. In this case low potency remedies of Berberis, Lycopodium, Rhus tox, Taraxacum can be supportive. Where there has been much suppression via chronic drug use from cortisone cremes or injections, a homeopathic course of cortisone or camphora is needed to ‘kick start’ the adrenals back into action, and eliminate drug residue from medication.

Should you start chronic homeopathic treatment and you get a flaring or aggravation of symptoms, it can sometimes be a retracing of symptoms, which is a good sign. For example, chronic eczema which was suppressed by a cortisone cream vanished but the patient developed asthma, which is just actually a more serious form of the previous supressed eczema. Once you start the homeopathic treatment, you may start to undergo retracing where the asthma heals, but the eczema flares temporarily. This is an encouraging sign, something that conventional medicine is not aware of. It indicates healing is on the way as the immune system throws out the previous suppression from the corticosteroid prescription.

If you are looking to treat using a miasmic prescription for the skin, Psorinum is always good to start the case off in a high potency. If there has been a lot of medication dosing, maybe consider Meddorhinum, and if there is destruction of tissue and organ, then maybe Syphilinum (probably best to get a professional opinion in this case).

Constitutional homeopathic prescribing should be the modus operandi of choice as it mobilizes the body’s defence mechanism or immune system to throw off the disease and return to health. This is achieved with the prescription of a homeopathic remedy which covers the majority of the patient’s symptoms, not only skin related issues, but also emotional components.

Common homeopathic remedies for skin conditions include, Calcarea carbonica where children are chubby and have eczema in the skin folds; and have a tendency to sweat especially around the head. Sulphur is one of homeopathy’s greatest anti psoric remedies and has a great effect on harmonizing the system. In the physiology of the body, it is the main driver of detoxification and without it the body cannot produce detoxification enzymes. Petroleum, made from petrol or gasoline is indicated esp. in winter eczema, where there are cracks on hands and heels, often with a dirty appearance. Arsenicum is prescribed where eczema is chronic, the patient has a tendency to suffer with anxiety, and worse at night. The eczema is burning and aggravated by heat, and is in very fine dry flakes. Very itchy eczema can be cured with Mezereum, esp. if on the head area. Eczema with a yellow honey like discharge esp. in cracks of joints such as elbows, knees and ears are often helped by Graphite’s.

Eczema, especially chronic long-standing cases definitely need the insight of a professional homeopath to deal with. This is because there is a lot more then just skin symptoms that are involved and an individualized program is needed to resolve the issue, handle flare ups or retracing and have the professional knowledge to be able to stimulate the cortisol balance via the adrenal glands or encourage elimination via liver, while at the same time ensuring any emotionally induced symptoms are directed positively.

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