Effective Treatment for your Recurrent Urinary Infections

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Do You Suffer from Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s)?

Are you fed up with having to take antibiotics every time you get UTI?

Look no further!

Below is how you can use homeopathic remedies at home and self-prescribe!

Urinary tract infection can be related to your bladder, kidneys or the tubes (ureters) that are connected to the kidneys. Bladder is closer to the ‘surface’ whereas kidneys are deep in the body and so the infection there can be much more serious and complicated.

Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder (usually caused by an infection), it is a common type of UTI.

This type of infection can be completely asymptomatic or it can be very painful with many symptoms to report (most common being burning sensation when urinating or/and sudden urge to urinate)– depending on each individual. From a holistic point of view – each person will experience the symptoms of UTI differently, and that is why it is important to know every symptom in detail, in order to get to the best fitting remedy to relieve the acute pain.

But how do you know what symptoms are important and what aren’t and what kind of remedy is that you are looking for?

The difference is in type of prescribing – acute vs. constitutional. If the infection is something that has occurred all of a sudden and the person hasn’t experienced it before (or perhaps a long time ago), than acute prescription will be needed here.

However, if the person has got recurrent UTI’s (that repeats on regular basis or even just a ‘random’ appearance at certain times of the year/ie. Weather or season change or it could be an emotional trigger; then the approach will be different and the prescription will have to be based on the person’s constitution (as well as the UTI symptoms of course) and the full case needs to be taken in order to find the best suiting remedy that will get to the root of the cause. To prescribe this way means, that addressing the cause will help the body to heal this ailment so it won’t come back in the future.

We can also prescribe acutely, whilst a constitutional remedy has been given, in cases where the issue is severe and it is too difficult to just wait for it to pass.

In terms of dosing, in an acute situation you can take one dose (=1 pill) every hour for a max of 3 doses – if there is no improvement, stop taking the remedy and re-asses (perhaps a different remedy is needed). However, if after one or two doses the symptoms start lessening (getting better), you can stop dosing and only start dosing again when symptoms start coming back. It is the “magic of a minimum dose” that applies in homeopathy (unlike in conventional medicine, where you have to take the whole set of antibiotics, despite feeling better after couple of days).

To give a minimum dose is to give the body a ‘nudge’ or sign post it to where it needs to be healing. Often that one nudge can be enough, depending on how strong (or unwell) the immune system is.

The point is that repeating the same remedy, despite improvement, can be confusing for the body and creating a false impression that the body isn’t doing enough.

So remember, give one or two doses and wait/observe.

It is about matching the energy of the disease with the energy of the patient.

In a holistic approach to healing – it is about kickstarting the body’s OWN healing, whereas in conventional medicine it is about ‘killing’ the bacteria/virus with a large dose of chemical intervention and no consideration of the rest of the body is taken into account (the negative influence on the gut and many other side effects).

What about potency?

In acute prescribing, generally speaking 30 or 200C is suitable – depending on how severe the symptoms are and also how the patient is dealing with it. The more severe (and energetic) the picture, then higher dose is usually better. Just give one dose and wait.

Lets have look at a few remedies and their pictures that you might consider for home self-prescribing.

Cantharis Vesicatoria – this remedy is indicated when there is an intolerable urging to urinate and tenesmus. There is over sensitiveness, inflammation and irritation of all parts. Raw, cutting and burning pains in the entire renal region before, during and after urinating. Constant desire to urinate. This is a wonderful remedy for kidney and bladder complaints, where it can be rather more serious than cystitis. The accompanying symptoms can be disgust for food and often urgent unquenchable thirst, as well as lot of distension and diarrhoea.

Sarsaparilla– there is always burning when passing urine and sometimes it is impossible to pass it because of the burning pain. Severe pain at the conclusion of urinating. Pain form the right kidney extends downward. Urine can be scanty, slimy, flaky, sandy and bloody. Renal colic in infants. Often there can be a skin troubles as an accompanying symptom.

Equisetum Hyemale – this remedy has a principal action on the bladder and it’s often used for night time enuresis in children without any obvious cause. For cystitis/UTI the main symptoms are: pain in the bladder, fullness in bladder which is not better for urinating. Sharp, burning, cutting in urethra while urinating. Right lumbar region can be painful as well as tenderness in the region of bladder. Frequent urging to urinate with severe pain at the close of urination, urine flows drop by drop. Or can pass large quantities of clear light-coloured urine without relief.

Berberis Vulgaris – one of our main bladder/kidney remedies with a wide scope of action. Pain changes in regard to place and character; – wandering and radiating, worse when standing up or exercising. Pain in the kidney region is most marked, but this remedy can be useful for renal and bladder problems, gall stones and cystitis. Sensation as if some urine remaining after urinating. Burning pain in bladder region, in thighs and loins on urinating, better after urination. Urine can be thick with mucous and bright red, sandy or slimy sediment. Urine very slow to flow, constant urging and pain in neck of bladder.

Apis Melifica – soreness or bruised feeling over kidney region and whilst urinating, last drops burn and smart. Frequent sudden attacks of pain along ureters, stinging pain and great irritation at neck of bladder, frequent and burning urination. Urine can have dark coffee like sediment.

Other small remedies that might be of use are: Asparagus Officinalis, Chimaphila Umbellata, Clematis Erecta and Staphysagria.

If the remedy works for a while but symptoms come back, it is likely that seeing a professional homeopath might be of benefit.

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