Homeopathic Remedies for Acute Sore Throat and Tonsillitis

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Tonsillitis is commonly diagnosed as a throat infection, often resulting from bacterial infections (eg: infection by group A beta hemolytic Streptococcus) also known as Strep throat.

These infections can also be caused by a virus, such as Epstein-Barr.

Such an occurrence may result in ulcerated throat, swollen glands in the neck, rashes, lack of appetite, fever and muscle weakness.

In addition to bacteria, thrush, caused by the common Candida albicans, can also be responsible for throat infections.

Our tonsils serve as the first line of internal defence and are an integral part of our lymphatic waste disposal. If we experience swelling in them, we know that an eliminative process is occurring in the body.

From the perspective of Homeopathy, whatever has caused the throat infection – strep virus or fungus – is not a relevant issue. What’s more important is that the totality of symptoms coincides with the remedy prescribed. In other words, Homeopathy puts more emphasis on knowing the sufferer – adult or child – rather than what affliction they have.

Furthermore, the first Law of Homeopathy must be respected, stating that the symptoms a substance can induce in a healthy person are also the same ones it can treat in an ill one.

Fortunately, homoeopathy offers effective treatments for both acute and recurrent/chronic tonsillitis, while aiming to boost a person’s immunity and prevent future episodes.

An acute sore throat can come with a range of symptoms, from soreness and irritation, to swelling, burning and difficulty swallowing. Fever, ear discomfort, headache and fatigue may also accompany the condition.

Antibiotics are normally used for treatment in these cases.

Homeopathic remedies are available as well and can lead to quick recovery, relieving pain and promoting comfort.

When managing a condition at home, it is essential to contact a doctor if the symptoms do not improve, or if there are any worrying signs (such as severe illness, difficulty breathing or trouble swallowing). Do not wait – take action immediately.

If you experience regular throat infections, it may indicate that your body is finding it difficult to remain healthy.

Constitutional Homeopathic care for recurrent/chronic tonsillitis can provide support to your body’s defences, boosting its ability to combat illness and put an end to repetitive infections.

Below are some of the most common remedies for addressing tonsillitis and sore throat, although there are numerous others.

To engage your body’s healing process, pick the one that best matches your symptoms.

In addition, I wrote a blog post about homeopathic treatment for Scarlet Fever and Strep throat; you’ll see some similarity with the suggestions here, since the medicine recommended is based on individual symptoms rather than disease nomenclature, diagnosis.


Aconite is beneficial at the onset of acute ailments, especially when there has been exposure to cold temperatures or wind. Symptoms may be numerous, such as a dry, scratchy throat, redness and an uncomfortable stinging and burning feeling.


Apis is a helpful remedy for the treatment of tonsillitis. The affected areas are characterised by intense redness and swelling, as well as a glossy look. Tonsils may appear greatly enlarged with ulcerations and there may be a prickly burning sensation present in the throat. Furthermore, swallowing will be challenging, along with a feeling of an object lodged in the throat. Generally, patients do not crave for much liquid but get relief from cold drinks or icy cubes.

Arsenicum Alb

This remedy is a great choice for sore throats characterised by constriction, burning upon swallowing and sometimes nausea. What truly sets it apart from others is its relief from warmth – be it food or drinks that are hot, or warm wraps – as well as the frequent craving of small sips of liquid.


Belladonna’s indications for acute throat infections involve a symptom picture that matches key features like sudden onset, high fever, intensely red and swollen throat and tonsils, raw burning in the throat with difficulty swallowing exacerbated by an urge to swallow, and a greater intensity on the right side. Headaches and flushed faces usually accompany needing cold water or lemon drinks.

Hepar Sulph

Hepar sulph is an effective remedy for sore throat and tonsillitis which may be accompanied by a sensation of having a splinter or fishbone lodged in the throat, or a constricted sensation. There may also be sharp, stitching, splinter-like pains radiating to the ears and the throat is sensitive to cold or touch. The sore throat may have arisen after being exposed to cold temperatures, and temporary relief can come through hot drinks.


Lachesis is often indicated in left-sided sore throats. There may be a sensation of dryness and constriction, along with a persistent lump or obstruction which is worse when swallowing liquids but better after solids. The affected area may have a dark red or purplish appearance, and the person will likely find the external throat to be sensitive to the slightest touch and hence avoid contact with clothes or bedcovers.

Merc Sol

Merc Sol is often recommended for acute sore throat and tonsillitis.

The burning, raw sensation in the throat accompanied by tightness and a feeling like something stuck while swallowing, the bluish red swollen appearance of the throat along with dryness and increased salivation point to Merc Sol being indicated. The presence of an offensive or metallic taste in the mouth is also an indication of this remedy.


When the tonsils turn dark red or bluish-red, Phytolacca is recommended. Along with the swelling and pain at the root of the tongue, the person experiences difficulty in swallowing food.

Furthermore, feelings of tightness, harshness and warmth can be felt inside the throat. Additionally, this medication provides relief to those feeling like something is stuck in their throat.

Self-Help Measures:

  1. Take proper rest
  2. Drink plenty of warm fluids
  3. Adults can gargle with warm salt water
  4. Eat soft food and avoid hard ones


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