Hypothyroidism. Treating with Homeopathy.

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A female patient came to see me in summer last year. She had been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism but was reluctant to start taking the prescribed medication, Thyroxine.

Her symptoms were classic Hypothyroidism symptoms:

  • Lethargic/ tired
  • Very dry skin
  • Poor memory
  • Achy bones, especially calves, thighs and knees
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Nausea and bloating
  • Sore croaky throat
  • Emotional, irritable

She is the mother of four and runs her own business. She said that she had been feeling very low, exhausted, unmotivated and was particularly irritable with her children. She said that she was not usually an emotional person but constantly felt on the verge of tears.

I prescribed one of the main homeopathic remedies for Hypothyroidism Sepia. As well as covering all her physical symptoms, Sepia paints a picture of a female worn down and exhausted with her domestic life and being particularly irritated with their partner or children. The remedy comes from the black ink squirted out by the squid, to deter anyone getting near them. I also prescribed the remedy Thyroidinum, made from the extract of a thymus gland, which covers many thyroid symptoms.

By her second appointment, most of her symptoms were much better. She was still putting on weight but emotionally she was much happier and her energy levels had improved. She was also suffering from a sore throat and had memory issues, but I was not overly concerned about this. In Homeopathy, it is important that the emotional symptoms are seen to be improving first, as they are seen as the root of most problems. Once they start working properly, other things then begin to fall into place.

Once I had seen what the initial remedies had done, I advised some other further measures that might support the patient and hurry along the healing process and weight loss. These included:

Drinking Fresh celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning.

Eating foods beneficial to the thyroid, such as Blueberries ,garlic and coriander.

Taking a Homeobotanicals herb blend Thyroid tincture.

Taking a Kelp supplement.

Introducing Mag Phos tissue salts to help with the joint/bone pain.

The patient acted on my recommendations and by the third appointment was still improving. She said that she was actually feeling ‘like me again’ and was even losing weight. She had even cut out grains, gluten, dairy and sugar. Her stomach was no longer bloated and the nausea had gone.

She described her energy levels as being at 10% when she first came to see me but now felt like 98%. She was still suffering from some severe menstrual cycle irregularities. She began to open up about her childhood. She was the youngest of three siblings but had been bullied quite badly by the older two. When I quizzed her about what had been going on when her symptoms had started, she stated that she had been under a lot of pressure regarding one of her businesses and was being forced to perform out of her comfort zone. This led me to prescribe the remedy Carcinosin. It has a great affinity with abuse and trauma but also works really well if you are feeling that you are incapable of completing a large or daunting task. If you don’t feel that you are good enough. An excellent remedy for self-esteem.

She was doing really well, so we decided to have a break over the mid winter months but over the Christmas period I received a text from her telling me how amazing she was feeling and so glad that she had not had to resort to a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs. I love my job and I love homeopathy for providing me with such job satisfaction.

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