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Pregnancy was a dream for me, I simply loved it, every moment. I had an incredibly loving and supportive partner in Mike, and we avidly read every book we could lay our hands on about the miracle growth of our baby. Mike became an expert on everything that might be needed during labour and I had the professional support of my homeopath and, at the birth, a wonderful friend, Joyce Vetterlein, who is a cranial osteopath with totally magic hands. She treated my precious new son immediately after his birth, how lucky was he…

During both my pregnancies I had the wonderful feeling throughout that I was living in a protective bubble and nothing negative could touch me. I remember so vividly the moment I left hospital after my first birth, I felt extremely fragile, excited and terrified all at once! My baby had decided to arrive two and a half weeks late, it wasn’t the easiest of births. I was allergic (I discovered) to Pethidine and I was considered a geriatric Mum, endangering my unborn baby as every day over my due date passed. The birthing pool at home was a distant memory…. After this ordeal I stepped out into what felt like a completely new world. A world potentially fraught with unforeseen dangers to my newborn baby, every step a new adventure.

No matter how many books you read and how well you think you have prepared there is nothing quite like that feeling of having the responsibility of a helpless baby in your arms. I literally swung between elation, total anxiety and exhaustion. Added to that was the physical healing after a tricky prolonged labour.

So, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the key remedies that are well indicated for those difficult emotional states – the anxiety and the exhaustion, as well as a few useful remedies for healing the body after birth.

However, this is a time when you will benefit hugely from the support of a homeopath because – yes, you guessed it – your hormones will be all over the place and you may not be best placed to make decisions about your own health. You may also benefit from having your constitutional remedy. See my blog (What is a Constitutional Remedy?) if you don’t know what this means. Contact me for support should you be in this position.

Meanwhile, here are a few helpful thoughts, please note that this is not an exhaustive list – there are many more remedies available in our homeopathic toolkits to help at this stage, just ask:

Anxiety, worry and low mood

Aconite is the number 1 remedy for fear and panic attacks if you feel you are having difficulty coping reach out for help and support as you simultaneously reach for this wonderful remedy.

Sepia helps to restore normal hormonal balance. If you need this remedy you will probably be feeling tearful and apathetic.

Staphysagria can be incredibly beneficial if the birth didn’t go the way you wanted it to. Perhaps you feel a sense of violation, disappointment or anger after a traumatic birth.

Natrum Muriaticum is a remedy for the emotionally closed off feeling. You may be tearful, resent interference and feel very exposed.

Argentum Nitrate is best for a restless panic where you may be afraid to be alone.

Exhaustion and Healing after Birth

Arnica has to be top of this short list. It promotes healing, reduces swelling and begins to support you as your body recovers.

Bellis Perennis follows Arnica well and is closely related to it. Bellis is deeper acting than Arnica and is particularly suited to deep internal bruising and the effects of a caesarean or forceps delivery.

Calendula is a great healer of cuts and wounds. Episiotomy, tears or caesarean, it can be taken alongside any other remedies.

Hypericum is the remedy for pains in the coccyx, low back pain after an epidural, forceps delivery or any injury to the spine. It is particularly associated with surgical wounds and nerve pain.

Sepia helps to alleviate tiredness and as indicated above can help to restore hormonal balance. Apathetic and, tearful after birth with prolapse also in it’s sphere, everything feels as if it will fall out…

Staphysagria also mentioned above is a great remedy for wound healing, particularly caesarean and stitches. It also helps the constipation and cramping colic that can follow birth.

Seeking support!

Always ask your midwife, doctor or registered homeopath for help if symptoms arise that concern you and particularly if you have tried home prescribing but are not seeing immediate results. Should symptoms recur always seek professional help.

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