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ADHD – defined as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a disorder affecting more than 6.1 million children aged between 2-17 in the US. It’s a condition more prevalent in children than adults. Boys are more likely to be diagnosed (13%) than girls (6%)*

ADHD is a condition that affects the functioning and behavior aspects of a child. It is a brain based disorder and some would argue a gut based disorder also. The connection between the gut and the brain is not a new phenomenon. Recent studies show that trillions of bacteria in your gut, also known as your gut microbiome (which is individual to everyone) play a huge role in our mental health. These bacteria are part of a network within four systems which include the brain and our nervous system. It is called the gut-brain axis and is a communication network within our bodies. In cases where there is a diagnosis of ADHD there is a different microbiome, different make up of bacteria and microorganisms than in those without the diagnosis*. Does this mean we could influence our gut-brain axis by influencing our gut microbiome…………

This I have found to be true in my clinic based on the children I see. As homeopathy is an individualized medicine the scope of who we can treat is not defined. Each and every child will be different, we are not treating the diagnosis, we are treating the individual with the diagnosis. This means we are helping the way in which they express their ADHD, how they feel, how they respond to stimuli, how they become overwhelmed, how their nervous system expresses itself, how their physical bodies react and indeed their individual microbiome and gut bacteria make up.

When looking at ADHD it can express itself in different forms –

Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive – Children who need to move constantly, Little attention to tasks and need varying mental stimulation to engage them.

Predominantly inattentive – Children who are very easily distracted and have huge difficulty paying attention. They do not have the same level of hyperactivity.

There can also be a combination of both. Children will frequently have little or no interest in things that require a lot of attention, have difficulty concentrating on daily tasks that require mental exertion of any level – ie dressing, tying shoes, doing chores or homework. They express their struggles by showing their need to move around, not sit for long periods of time, talking non stop or interrupting, tapping hands or other repetitive movements.

As mentioned homeopathy is an individualized medicine – the scope of who it can treat is endless. With children that suffer with ADHD/ODD or ADD there is a potential suitable remedy. Working with a homeopath gives your child the best opportunity for success when it comes to the treatment of these disorders.

Some remedies to consider:

Lycopodium – this remedy will suit the child that fits the street angel house devil personality! You find they can hold it together in school and then when at home are a completely different story. They may show signs of low self esteem, have difficulty concentrating, Have bouts of anger/outbursts, may be dictatorial especially towards younger siblings. Slow at making decisions, absent minded, comprehension may be slow. They are sensitive but irritable personalities.

Gelsenium – This is an excellent remedy if it fits the picture of the child that has difficulty concentrating due to chronic fatigue. Inability to focus and great weakness, physically and mentally. Dullness and drowsiness is this child. Floating thoughts and not able to focus their attention. They may also suffer with anxiety to the point of trembling. Will also have intense anxiety before exams or any type of performance.

Baryta Carb – Can be indicated if there has been delayed growth physically or mentally. Possible delay in achieving motor skills. These children are inattentive and lack concentration in class. Constant need for physical as well as emotional support. They especially don’t like change, there’s weakness of memory and they seem to forget everything. They are shy and pick or bite their nails to show their shyness. Absent minded, absorbed, aversion to play and always clings to mother are other indicators for this remedy.

While there are over 100 possible remedies to help with these conditions, a skilled homeopath who works with children offers you the ability to help your child with natural medicine and without side effects.

*National Library of Medicine Jan 2021 – Current evidence on the role of Gut Microbiome in ADHD Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Implications.

*CDC – ADHD data & statistics

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