Fibrocystic Breasts, Healed with Homeopathy

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I want to share with you the case of a lovely lady who came to see me with clusters of cysts in her breast, the condition is known as fibrocystic breasts. It is a benign (noncancerous) condition in which the breasts feel lumpy. Fibrocystic breasts aren’t harmful or dangerous but maybe bothersome or uncomfortable for some women, they often come and go throughout the month, sometimes getting larger around periods.

This lady was experiencing a certain amount of pain and discomfort, which she described as “stinging” as they were getting larger, especially before her period. She also had the expected concerns around finding the lumps, and this was causing her a certain amount of anxiety.

The homeopathic treatment was very simple – constitutional prescribing; this means taking the individual symptoms of the case and giving a single dose homeopathic remedy, alongside an individually prescribed breast support remedy.

After a few weeks on the remedies, the cysts had completely cleared. Here is what she had to say –

“I recently received a remedy from Lesley after discovering I had a large cluster of cysts in my right breast. An initial scan and biopsy confirmed that it was nothing more sinister but I did have a cluster of at least 6 that were about the size of a plum and causing discomfort. I also had a number of other smaller cysts throughout my breast. At the time of taking the remedy the cysts had been noticeable for approximately 16 weeks. The scan also revealed a number of small cystic pockets in my left breast.

I went back to hospital for a check-up scan 4 weeks after taking the remedy and was completely shocked by the progress. Although I could feel the cysts had disappeared I expected to still see the cystic pockets still visible on the scan but the only thing that remained across both breasts was one pocket which the doctor estimated was about 5mm wide. Knowing already that the cysts had reduced in size was fantastic but seeing that the cystic pockets had disappeared completely was fantastic.

Thank-you Lesley for your knowledge and support throughout.”

Click here to read more from Lesley!

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