Helping Babies with Crying and Colic

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I came across this helpful article by Linlee Jordan today. There are lots of practical ideas to help soothe your baby, and notes on when to seek medical advice or talk with your Homeopath.

One of the things I love about Homeopathy is that we can support babies and their parents through difficult times. We don’t have to “wait till they grow out of it ” if you have a distressed baby and nothing seems to help them and you are exhausted.

There are so many reasons why babies cry. They need to let us know that something is not ok for them, they could be tired, hungry, wet, uncomfortable, frightened, in pain.

When I am looking to find the best remedies for a baby I want to know what is happening right now, to observe how they are, how they move, how they engage, what position they are happiest in, and what is their story through their mother’s pregnancy, their birth to this point in time.

What About Remedies ?

Even with the tiniest of beings, they express their symptoms differently.

One baby might be miserable and weepy and just want gentle cuddles and to be carried in fresh cool air and may benefit from some doses of Pulsatilla.

Another might seem ragingly angry, screaming in pain and nothing you do is right. The only relief is being carried and rocked. They want to be picked up, then arch back and want to be put down, look hungry and want to feed and then refuse to nurse. I’d be wondering about Chamomilla for them.

Babies who bring their knees up to the chest and bend double or seem calmer with firm pressure on their abdomen – wanting to lie on your arm or be pressed into your shoulder may need Colocynthus.

For Cramping pains which are better for warmth, I may think of Mag-phos. Also worth thinking about Mag-phos for period pains eased by gentle pressure and a hot water bottle.

If a baby stiffens out and arches backwards Dioscorea is more indicated.

For irritable, windy babies who are straining to pass wind, burp or poo. They may be suffering ill-effects of drugs, anti-biotics, syntometrine or pain relief medications Nux – vomica may help calm everything down.

And it’s always individual.

It could be one of many other remedies that helps your baby be free from distress and pain.

And I’d be looking for remedies which can support tired, sleep-deprived and worried parents too.

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