How to Overcome Sleep Dread?


How often you find that you aren’t able to fall asleep despite being exhausted because the mere thought of falling asleep is terrible?

This sleep dread might be because of anxiety, horrific nightmares, sleep apnea, horror movies or fear of not waking up again.

Sleep phobia is also known by another fancy name somniphobia.

Signs and Symptoms of Somniphobia

  • Anxiety closer to bedtime
  • The inability to fall asleep when you go to bed.
  • The inability to stay asleep.
  • Excessive sleepiness during the day when at work or school.
  • Inability to focus or complete a task.
  • Memory loss, short or long-term.
  • Severe mood swings or an inability to regulate emotions.
  • Lack of interest in things that you enjoy.
  • Tendency of falling sick frequently, having low energy levels etc.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Sleep

  • A deep and thorough analysis of root causes for your sleep phobia can help to resolve it with homeopathy. Triggering factors and your reactions to those factors can point out to the right homeopathic remedy for your sleep phobia.
  • While treating somniphobia, Let me give a little synopsis of what kind of symptoms I look into to find my client’s personalized remedy for sleep phobia.

Below is a list of few symptoms from my repertory

Anxiety sleep before, during or after

Mind; anxiety; future, about; sleeplessness, with

Mind; company; desire for; sleep with parents, child desires to

Mind; death; thoughts of; sleep, before falling asleep

Mind; delusions, imaginations; figures, sees; closing eyes for sleep, as soon as

Mind; dreams; anxious; sleep; falling asleep, on

Mind; dreams; frightful, nightmare; sleep; falling asleep, on

Mind; fear; danger, of impending; sleep, on falling asleep

Mind; fear; death, of; sleep; falling asleep, on

Mind; sadness; sleep; before going to

Not every person dealing with somniphobia, will be having these symptoms as we all are different people and also react differently to similar situations and so are our symptoms show up in different styles.

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