Ten Commonly used Homeopathic Remedies for Pre-birth and Post-natal Recovery

Pregnancy & Childbirth

These are 10 of the most useful homeopathic remedies to have in your pre-birth and post-natal kit. I recommend 30c potency – you can repeat the dose as needed.

Aconite for birth:


Fear and fright = Aconite.

Extreme fear experienced during pregnancy. Contractions feel violent and intense, producing a state of fear and anxiety. Restless, agitated and fearful that they might die. Especially helpful during transitional phase of labour. Baby appears shocked and unsettled after birth. Very comforting for nervous fathers and grandparents.


Feeling sore and bruised during labour. They may not want to be touched. Relieves soft tissue damage (perineum and abdomen) following birth. Reduces swelling and bruising and risk of infection and promotes healing. Useful to reduce caput/swelling of baby’s head after birth.

Bellis Perennis:

Follows well after Arnica or if Arnica does not ease discomfort. Exceptional for bruised, sore, pelvic pain or abdominal tissues during pregnancy and following birth.


Can be used at term to help strengthen and tone the uterus and prepare and soften the cervix prior to birth. Also helpful if labour pains fail to dilate the cervix and contractions become irregular, short and spasmodic. Used to co ordinate and strengthen contractions.


Similar to Caulophyllum. The difference being it helps to produce coordinated contractions while allaying fear and anxiety. Encourages a woman to trust the birth process and open up both emotionally and physically. She may feel unable to endure labour. Common words might be “I can’t do it.” Incredibly useful for women who may have a painful or traumatic memory of a past pregnancy, birth, miscarriage etc.


Excellent remedy for dysfunctional labour with failure to progress, especially if baby is lying in a posterior position. There is weakness and exhaustion and muscles tremble with the effort of movement. Contractions are felt in the back. Especially helpful when there is fear or anticipation of birth. May be useful before birth to help ease anxiety. May also be useful to ease fear and anticipation of birth in fathers and grandparents.


Shooting, nerve pains following caesarian section or perineal tears and episiotomy.

Kali Carbonicum:

Pain of contractions felt mainly in the back (especially posterior positioned babies). The backache may extend to the buttocks. Feel as if back would break and back pain is better for hard pressure. Often feels very chilly.

Nux vomica:

For contractions felt in the back that extend to the buttocks and thighs. They feel as if they want to move their bowels or urinate, but nothing much is passed. They are irritable, impatient and easily angered and offended. Sensitive to odors, light and noise. No pressure can be tolerated on the back and pain is worse from pressure (the opposite from Kali Carb).


Encourages the quick healing of incisions or lacerated wounds. Useful following incision, penetration or stretching of muscle fibers after catheterisation and episiotomy. Relieves feelings of anger, resentment, disappointment and emotional upset that may follow a difficult labour and birth or caesarian section.

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